Roemer - Australian Shepherds
Roemer - Australian Shepherds


                                    Geb. 04.12.2013

                                    Farbe: black w/c

                                    Augen: braun

                                    Rute: lang

                                    Größe: 52 cm

                                    Gewicht: 21 kg

                                    PRA: frei

                                    HSF4: +/+

                                    MDR1: +/+

                                    ED: 0 (Dr. Witteborg)

                                    HD: A1 (Dr. Witteborg)

                                    Gebiss: vollständig

                                    COI: 14,00%


                                   - kastriert -


BH-Prüfung am 19.09.2015 erfolgreich bestanden

Sport: Agility



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