Roemer - Australian Shepherds
Roemer - Australian Shepherds
























Moon Rise Monchhichi 












CH Moon Rise Break

the ice






CH Moon Rise

Special Offer



CH Moon Rise Achievement

CH Firethornes Jarry McGuire


CH Firethornes Tuck-N-Twist




CH Sunnyrains Society Column

CH Briarbrooks Silverware


CH Briarbrooks Society Page







Moon Rise Two Face




Thornapple Anakin Skywalker

CH Mythial Moonshadow


CH Thornapple Silken Flame




Himmi-Peikon Midsummer Pixi

CH Thornapple Hot Wheels


Aladdins Autumn Leaf













Lollypops That’s The Spirit






Heartfires Bugs Off




CH Temptations Rock N Breezeway

CH Tamlin Citizen Kane


CH Spring Fever Mollie Rock




Heartfire in the Summertime

CH Summertime Shak up Ramblewood

CH Summertimes Afternoon Delite








Lollypops Spirits Rising




Suncatchers Bad Moon A´rising

CH Starswepts Man In the Mirror


CH Gordons Country Sundance Kiss




Soundtrack Original Choice

Soundtracks Critics Choice


CH Zuzaxs Orignal Soundtrack

























Blue Mountain´s Red flying Angel












CH Highrails Blast Your Stereo Loud






CH Stone Ridge Legend of the West



Show Stopper of Stoneridge

CH Heatherhill Montel Williams


CH C.R. Red Legend of Stone Ridge



CH Windfalls At Long Last

CH Heatherhill Black N Decker


CH Tri-Ivory Caress







CH Highrails Just Cream no Sugar



CH Agapes Baileys Irish Cream

CH Propwash Manape Ghostrider

Agapes Midnight Lace




Highrails Just Do It

CH McDuff of Windmere


CH Carolinas Hope N Deliverance












Laverton Case of Love






Calais Carolina Jig Jag 



CH Merribrooks Jagged Edge

CH Merribrooks Cutting Edge


Sunmades Baby Ruth




CH Calais Ivy League O Lakespring

CH Carolinas Im CN Red


CH London Mist of Calais







Laverton Zip




Touchstone I Spy At Laverton

Silver Birch The Real Mccoy


CH Touchstone Third Degree O Aran



Touchstone Honeysuckle Rose

Mistrettas Fandango Alegre


Touchstone Red Zinger


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